About Us


To provide motorist with high quality, reliable windshield wiper products.


Automotive has supplied wiper products for automobiles, buses and trucks for over two decades. We supply these products to traditional automotive distributors, buying groups, large retailers and private label customers. Saver delivers as high as 98% coverage for early and late model vehicles with popular conventional, airfoil, winter and beam blade product lines. Our products are sold in over 8 countries around the globe.


Automotive Products was incorporated in 1991 in the state of Maryland in the United States. Today, Saver Automotive produces and assembles the majority of its products in the USA, the only manufacturer to do so. The research and development staff in Maryland continues to earn high praise for their innovative designs and self-manufactured rubber squeegees. Today, the company is growing at an exponential rate and plans to provide quality products and service for the 21st Century.

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