SAVER Advantages

is the only manufacturer to offer the ROUND HINGE Squeegee. This technology provides extended life beyond the expected from Original Equipment.

Patented Aerodynamic Wiper Frames

  • At high-speed and windy driving conditions, most blades will lose contact with the windshield surface, resulting in poor wiping performance

All Steel Frames (Galvanized)

  • Double paint coated frames prevent rusting, chipping, and corrosion, providing lasting strength and durability

Conventional & OEM type Adaptors

  • All necessary adaptors included in each SKU for all early & late model Domestic & European applications

Special Moly Coated Natural Rubber Element

  • The natural rubber with moly coating ensures smooth wiping and streak-free performance

Full Range of Size

  • Many wiper blades are available in sizes from 11” to 28”


  • Advanced packaging for beam & conventional blades, made with PVC